Current Projects


Ben Lewis Trio

When I look back at my career, so much of it has been at the service of other artists. I've learned a great deal striving to provide a supportive and creative role with whomever I worked with.

In recent years I've found more opportunities and inspiration for promoting my own music and sound.


Grazyna Auguscik

For some time my collaborations with vocalist Grazyna Auguscik have centered around the music of Frederik Chopin. Her voice is simply one my favorite instruments on the planet. Plans for a full recording are in motion.


Lt. Dan Band

Lt. Dan Band

What began as occasional jam sessions in Chicago with actor (  & bassist ) Gary Sinise gradually involved into the Lt. Dan Band.

Since the very start of the band in 2004, I've been grateful to travel the world with this group. The mission has evolved over time, from our first USO shows in South Korea to home-building fundraisers for veterans around the country.